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Research & demonstrations

Sound agronomy is key to unlocking crop yield potential every year, whatever the rainfall, season or soil type. To help Kimba growers maximise yield while minimising risk, EP AGnFERT will launch its own research program with various trials and paddock demonstrations to be sown in the 2021 season. 
EPAG Research tractor.jpg
Collaborating with EPAG Research, the plan is to generate local research data & fine-tune advice to growers on crop rotation, varietal selection, pasture types, tillage techniques, plant nutrition & fertiliser application .
EP AGnFERT is evaluating liquid forms of fertiliser & fungicide using this liquid application system (see videos) which is available to local growers interested in trialling the new technology.  Ask here for details 
The research program is a long term commitment to sharing local knowledge, refining district practice to suit the soils & climate on the upper Eyre Peninsula, then demonstrating practical results in the paddock.
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